Meet the

Angels are beautiful dragon-like creatures that players (Anfri Trainers) can fight, collect, and breed with.

All Angels are characterized by having different special traits that determine their participation in the two types of battle available in the Anfri universe.

Fight the Colossus

Fight the most dangerous and mysterious creatures that threaten the Anfri Kingdom

FREE TO PLAY by the community

Users will not only be able to sell Angels, but they will also be able to rent them.

The player who receives the Angel creature can use it to fight. Consequently, the tenant of the Angel will receive a commission percentage on the elements generated by the tenant user; the profit percentage is specifically defined by the tenant user.

This opens the door for many people eager to start in the Play and Earn metaverse without a wealth background.

NFT Burn & Maleable Breeding

To avoid overpopulation, users can burn their Angels and receive SOUL ESSENCE, which can be used to alter the genes of angel eggs.

This process creates a dynamic marketplace with a reasonable population of Angels.

Play from your phone

Without strange links, or a lot of steps, both Android and Apple users will be able to access the game like any other they have played on their smartphone.

harnessing the performance of your device’s native power.

Play and Earn!

We reward your hours of play with Orb! Anfri’s official cryptocurrency, our team has worked to offer a rewarding experience to our users.

The Lore

Where there was nothing, in nothing had everything, or so it was thought.

Over the millennia, nothing stopped being nothing to become what we know as the ALL, the Anfri universe, creating things without form, without purpose and without reason, placed in an interesting way, the first thing that could be called was created “Something”, that something ceased to belong to nothing, being something different, nothing without conformity exiles it, making everything known as nothing. Except for something, that something that called itself “life”, creating the first Angel called Summum Vita. Vita, when seeing how it stopped belonging to Nothing and Everything, decided to create more like him, creating different lives, being born Inanis, Kosmik, Chaos, Neutrum and Hordo, after their creation received their first order: “fill the world with me”, the separated brothers and creating what they believed was “life” being born Angels with different purposes from the ideals of their creators, everything was working well, everything until the Nothing and Everything found out