ANFRI – White Paper 

Anfri Universe

Anfri Universe

Where there was nothing, in nothing had everything, or so it was thought. Over the millennia, nothing stopped being nothing to become what we know as the ALL, the Anfri universe, creating things without form, without purpose and without reason, placed in an interesting way, the first thing that could be called was created “Something”, that something ceased to belong to nothing, being something different, nothing without conformity exiles it, making everything known as nothing. Except for something, that something that called itself “life”, creating the first Angel called Summum Vita. Vita, when seeing how it stopped belonging to Nothing and Everything, decided to create more like him, creating different lives, being born Inanis, Kosmik, Chaos, Neutrum and Hordo, after their creation received their first order: “fill the world with me”, the separated brothers and creating what they believed was “life” being born Angels with different purposes from the ideals of their parents and mothers, everything was working well, everything until the Nothing and Everything found out.

 The millennia passed, the Anfri Universe was taking shape, the children of Vita fulfilled their purpose, they created a world where life will prosper naturally and independently, but this did not conform to all the children of Vita. Chaos and Inanis dissatisfied with the peace they created, they noticed that Vita was not everything, there was something else, curious they proceeded to investigate navigating the cosmos of the universe, noticing certain cracks that led to mysterious places, among those places they reached the worst possible, La Nothing, they do not know what was happening but they felt that something was speaking to them, they did not understand what, but they proceeded to leave that place as soon as possible, what was all that? the brothers wondered, without an answer they decided not to say anything to their father, not by means, if not to satisfy his desire for independence, they came to the world they created, they noticed that life was increasingly prosperous, the numbers of beings alive was amazing in the period of time that had passed, he had Chaos worried, thinking about the future, in thousands of years there might not be space in the world for so much life, there must be a balance, he thought in his mind, until he noticed that someone else was with him, coincidentally thinking the same as him, it was his sister Neutrum.

 Neutrum was always known for her indifference towards everything in general, but she hated excesses, the much of everything can condemn this same, she constantly said, so she decided to talk to Chaos about it, Chaos known to be one of the strongest children of Vita and fool, Neutrum came up with a crazy idea, and we create equity? Chaos without understanding asked for an explanation, Neutrum replied, there is always the opposite of everything, so let’s do the opposite of father, Chaos, confused by his sister’s words, the opposite of life, what would such a thing be?.

 As time went by, he felt more and more a voice that spoke to him, but he did not know what, he went to his brother Inanis, to see if he also felt such a sensation, and unfortunately it was like that, they both heard something, but it was not known what wanted to say such words.